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Changing ALT-TAB To Another Shortcut - My Solution

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:46 am
by Fajah
I use a program called "Vista Switcher" in Windows that allows me to change the behavior of ALT-TAB when cycling through multiple windows (programs). It also allows me to change ALT-TAB to another keyboard shortcut.

More specifically, I use Audacity to play back recorded backing tracks when I perform. I control Audacity remotely with a programmable foot pedal called The Pok that's programmed with custom keystrokes. During a performance, I'll have multiple instances of Audacity (each representing one backing track) open and cycle/select though them using my pedal. Due to the nature of the pedal's software, I have to change ALT-TAB to ALT-1 which Vista Switcher allows me to do.

Is there any way to accomplish this in LMDE and/or.Xfce?

Thanks in advance

Re: Changing ALT-TAB To Another Shortcut - My Solution

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:54 am
by Fajah
I found an easy and fairly quick way to set up what I need. XFCE and Mate allow me to do this. Here's what I did:

Initial Setup:

1) I went into the Workplace Settings ( in the XFCE Settings Manager) and set the number of workspaces to 23. I kept Workspace 1 as my main, then added and renamed 22 others.. Each workspace now has the name of an individual tune, and in the order of my set list.
3) I then added the Workspace Switcher plugin to the panel to have a graphical representation.
4) I set the number of rows in the Workspace Switcher to 4, and enabled " Show miniature view".
5) Back in the Settings Manager, I opened the Keyboard tab in the Window Manager and set the "Next workspace" action to ALT-1 (which is already programmed into my pedal).

All of the above is a one time deal since it's saved in my session settings.

Audacity Setup:

1) I open Audacity in Workspace 1 and all 22 tunes (22 Audacity windows open). On this note, I find Linux to be way faster than Windows, and XFCE faster than Cinnamon (3D and 2D), or Gnome 3. Haven't tried it in Mate.
2) I then move each open tune (Audacity window) to the workspace with the same name. This is easily and quickly done by right clicking the open tab in the panel and following the menu/drop-down box. It's this functionality that seems to be unique to XFCE.

I can now cycle though the tunes using my mouse wheel, mouse pointer on the panel, keyboard, and most importantly..... my pedal.