TRESOR kernel patching

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TRESOR kernel patching

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I am hoping to move to a dedicated LMDE desktop soon and want to ensure I get my security right. I should be able to handle installing the full disc encryption just fine with the tutorials but ideally would like to use the TRESOR AES kernel patch in order to take advantages of the extra security features. As far as I can see TRESOR currently supports 3.6.2 and 3.8.2 kernel versions which is ahead of the LMDE development. So essentially how potentially problematic would it be to compile and install a more up to date kernel in terms of using the LMDE update packages etc? Is this likely to create an unholy mess come a potential kernel update?

Thanks for any help and an apology for any foolishness ;)

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Re: TRESOR kernel patching

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There has been very little development of TRESOR since the main release.

I co-maintain some AUR packages for ArchLinux which have updated some code so it runs with 3.17 and 3.14 :) If you're up to manually building kernels, then you should be able to follow the PKGBUILD file and build it :)
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