Proper install of driver

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Proper install of driver

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I installed the Debian edition on a USB thumb drive but it is not recognizing my wifi. Since it doesn't even appear on the list of networks (I only get the wired option) I assume that this is a driver problem. So I ran inix -nz and it says that I have a Broadcom BCM 4322. My issue is that I cannot simply run apt-get because I have no wired LAN connection--I'm wifi only. ... -installer

Is the correct firmware update. (I'm assuming jessie and not wheezy).

Can some walk we through the steps I need to do? For example, are all the dependencies already on Mint or do those have to be downloaded too?
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Re: Proper install of driver

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Determine what architecture you have, i386 or AMD64. Download appropriate .deb files for packages:

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Once you got them, install them with command:

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sudo dpkg -i firmware-b43-installer_019-2_all.deb b43-fwcutter_019-2_amd64.deb
Make sure you put correct filename for b43-fwcutter in the line above, it will be different if you have i386 architecture.
If you encounter any problems, please paste your terminal output here or upload a photo.
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