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Change Desktop Background

Post by dld »

I don't know how I messed up a long running LMDE, but trying to fix it lead me to believe that a clean install would be better. Betsy went in well enough, with a few difficulties and mysteries. Human-clearlooks theme with Human icons have been a problem for some time, but I finally got a customized theme set up. But ... When I boot the machine LMDE2 starts up with a theme and icon set unknown to me. Right click the desktop, and select "Change ...." causes the correct icon set, controls and window title color to appear. I subsequently installed Ubuntu 16.04 in another partition. I didn't get clearlook installed under Ubuntu, but ... the same strange behavior. It only a nuisance problem, of course, but I don't even know what to Google to search for a solution. What does selecting Change Desktop Background trigger?
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Re: Change Desktop Background

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Sorry to hear about your problem would suggest posting this to the LMDE site

scroll down to LMDE forum
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