Kodi upgrade?

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Re: Kodi upgrade?

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I also mentioned that aptitude can try multiple solutions! Just keep hitting "n" until you get the one that installs the matching kodi and kodi-bin 17.3 versions. Though you probably have also already pulled in the problematic ffmpeg version from deb-multimedia, so what happens should get careful scrutiny. I have ffmpeg 3.2.5 in my own repo that Kodi 17.3 was built against, and Kodi 16.1 in jessie-backports was built against its own backported ffmpeg in there.
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Re: Kodi upgrade?

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GoldNugget wrote:I've been limping along with the out of date Kodi in the repositories for quite a while (14.2). I have tried to upgrade manually but so far I've had no luck. Today I received a notice that a serious security flaw has been discovered and I need to upgrade to the latest version ASAP (17.3).

Are there any plans to upgrade the version in the LMDE repositories? What are other users planning to do? I use this program every day and I'm afraid I will have to uninstall it If I can't upgrade.
I am using libreelec vpn for kodi and it works smooth. Previously I was using kodi on windows, it was even smoother. But I had more security issues so had to switch to a linux OS.

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