LMDE Install: OEM Option?

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LMDE Install: OEM Option?

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Question: Does LMDE share the same ability to install as an 'OEM' as does the regular version of Mint?

Background: I have lately been wiping the hard drives of some old PCs that I own, and slapping on an 18.3 version of Linux Mint -- for the purposes of giving them away (or selling cheaply). Why the Ubuntu 18.3 version and not my beloved LMDE version? Because LMDE is a bit too old, and I didn't want to delay until the next version comes out. In any case, I was beginning to find it tedious to do a 'real' install with a 'fake' userid/password, then updating the software, etc. Then I took more notice of the 'OEM' option that was available. I didn't know why my GRUB2 direct-ISO boot was not giving that option to me, until I just discovered that the secret is having this parameters on the grub line:

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oem-config/enable=true only-ubiquity
This seems to work great for the regular Ubuntu-based Mint versions, but I did not see the same options being available for the latest (now old) LMDE. Is that because it is too old -- and will be present in the next version? Or because this is some sort of Ubuntu-only option that LMDE will never have?
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