SMXI opinions please...

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SMXI opinions please...

Post by jmm »

I have ran SMXI before but never with LMDE.

The only benefit I can see is if someone wants to go to Unstable and add Aptosid repos to safeguard against breakage. With the volatility that should happen with Unstable after Stable is released this doesn't sound like a good move right now (meaning moving to Unstable (Sid)).

Does SMXI have any other benefits? My video drivers work, I have dowloaded all I need from Synaptic.

Am I overlooking any other things that SMXI brings to the table?

Thanks for your opinion.
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Re: SMXI opinions please...

Post by wayne128 »

I think people who are in AntiX, Mepis, Aptosid are heavy users of smxi.

taken from smix website, perhaps you read already, just paste here.
If you have nVidia and fglrx you probably would appreciate smxi.
also somewhere else would let you know their proper way of upgrading..
in summary, upgrade without X running...

Smxi is a feature rich, powerful script, and has the following primary features and options:

* System Upgrades (dist-upgrade / upgrade)
* Kernel upgrades / kernel module upgrades
* Automatated video card driver installation (plus any needed patches), especially non-free drivers like nVidia and AMD/ATI fglrx
* Installing extra software (including building a desktop/server from scratch, starting with just the base Debian system)
* Removing certain software
* Cleaning up your system (cleaning up apt archives, removing kernels/ kernel modules, cleaning system cruft, etc)
* Tweaking your system, mozilla configurations, installing some small graphics tweaks, etc.
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Re: SMXI opinions please...

Post by friTTe »

I used it when i was on Debian Squeeze, really easy way to get my gfx drivers up and running (Nvidia)
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Re: SMXI opinions please...

Post by inktitan »

I like it on LMDE because I often forget a lot the apt commands. It breaks updates down to almost-newbie terms. And it is a great way to keep my graphics going should my X desktop ever fail. ctrl+alt+F1 then sgfxi and whamo all is well again.
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Re: SMXI opinions please...

Post by deleted »

It's real easy to install/update graphics drivers, clean cruft, and install vm hosting software.

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