Wine, WoW, and nvidia drivers problem

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Wine, WoW, and nvidia drivers problem

Post by djhyland »

Hey all, I'm having a problem running World of Warcraft with Wine on LMDE x86_64. Here is my vital information:

LMDE x86_64
kernel 2.6.32-5-amd64
Wine 1.1.42 (from Lamaresh's sid repo)
Nvidia driver 260.19.21 (from Debian's experimental repo, installed using the module assist method)

Anyway, when I try starting World of Warcraft, the WoW Launcher comes up fine, and successfully patches the game if necessary. When I try to launch the actual game, I get a pop-up message stating
Failed to find a suitable display device. Exiting program.

I've successfully tested the Nvidia driver's ability to do other hardware-accelerated things such as running fancy Compiz effects, and glxinfo lists my driver correctly, so I'm pretty sure it's working. When I searched for the error message, the only relevant result I get is that Windows users with their video card drivers incorrectly installed get the same message, so I'm guessing that there's a disconnect between Wine and the Nvidia driver, even though the driver works for other stuff. I'm a bit of Debian noob, so perhaps I've missed a crucial step somewhere. I'm successfully running the same install (shared /home) that I'm trying to get working on LMDE on Gentoo and Fedora, so I know that running the game is possible on my hardware.

I've tried the testing version of the Nvidia driver (195.36.31) before updating to the experimental version, with the same results.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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Re: Wine, WoW, and nvidia drivers problem

Post by voss749 »

Look under WOW linux opengl

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