A 'different' LMDE-Lite-edition

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A 'different' LMDE-Lite-edition

Post by vrkalak »

Last week, I downloaded a new or different .iso release of LMDE ... it was an LinuxMint-Debian-Lite-pl-rc edition.

http://linuxtracker.org/index.php?page= ... 36f2fa1d56

Well, a "lite" version of LMDE (it was only 441.5Mb)- a big change from the default 1Gb size of the stock LMDE.
This .iso release was available, as a LiveCD ... and was available via Torrent. Even better.

This deserved some investigating . . . the download was effortless (plenty of torrent seeders)

The LiveCD feature opened nicely ... only problem, for me, is that this LMDE-lite distro is in Polish.
Everything seems to have worked - out of the box (my knowledge of the layout of most popular Apps and the Menu allowed me to navigate my way around - I just didn't understand any of it)

I don't know who put this .iso together, but the overall size was kept 'lite' because it was light on Apps.
It was still easy for me to navigate my way around and check out everything they did.
This LMDE-Lite-pl edition used the Gnome 2.32 desktop

If you speak the Polish language, this looks like a nice 'lite' LMDE distro.
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Re: A 'different' LMDE-Lite-edition

Post by tdockery97 »

Sounds interesting. Since it's Debian, I'm sure you can probably add language packs and change it to English if you want. It may be worth keeping an eye on and see if they keep the iso up-to-date by re-releasing it every few months. It could be a good way for people with limited bandwidth to get LMDE.

Edit: Just looked at your link. It was done by one of the people (mati75) I've seen on Mint IRC regularly.
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Re: A 'different' LMDE-Lite-edition

Post by zoof »

Actually, it would be nice if the default iso's were more selective in the packages included. While I love the look and feel of LMDE (Xfce), I find myself uninstalling large numbers of applications that I would never use.
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Re: A 'different' LMDE-Lite-edition

Post by Brian49 »

zoof wrote:I find myself uninstalling large numbers of applications that I would never use.
Same here - I currently have fewer than 700 packages installed; the default installation has more than twice that.
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Re: A 'different' LMDE-Lite-edition

Post by swiftlinuxcreator »

Could one of you please send me the list of packages installed in this light version of LMDE? The command to use when you boot up the live ISO is "dpkg-query -W -f='${Package}\n' > list.txt" . I would REALLY appreciate this, because Transmission isn't showing an available copy from connected peers at the moment.

I'm the founder and lead developer of a lightweight Linux distro called Swift Linux (http://www.swiftlinux.org). I'm in the process of switching from the antiX Linux base to the LMDE base. The source code I use for transforming LMDE into Swift Linux is at https://github.com/swiftlinux . (NOTE: I have a ways to go to make the first Minty release.)

Some of the things I've done so far include:
1. Replacing gdm with SLiM
2. Removing most GNOME packages and adding IceWM and ROX
3. Removing Firefox (which is automatically replaced with Iceweasel)
4. Using BleachBit to remove support for languages other than English
5. Removing space-hungry/less essential apps like Thunderbird, GIMP, Pidgin, and XChat.
6. Removing server apps like Samba and procmail.

Despite all of these cuts, the ISO file is still well over 800 MB (compared to 1.2 GB for the original GNOME ISO file).
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Re: A 'different' LMDE-Lite-edition

Post by Arran »

I, having a really slow line ‒ just 50 GiB/s ‒ find a prefabricated «Light» version worse than a full Distribution. I still would have to download probably a lot of additional apps like Thunderbird, Gimp with all its peripherical add-ons to name just two. KMyMoney, Kaffeine and many others would probably also not be on this «Light»-Version.

What I would like is a really light version: The Kernel + a very light GUI and a long list to mark the programs I want (incl. the dependencies) and then the server makes an individual file for me to download as, perhaps, a file called «mint_for_arran_dd-mm-yy.iso». This I could download with a friend with a really high bandwidth and take home the DVD for installing. As the programmes would be up-to-date when the ISO-file is produced, the initial hours of upgradind would probably be reduced by 95%! I could do that perhaps every three month which would satisfy my desires of a rolling release and safety.Perhaps these «external» upgrades could even be so organised, that only the changed apps would show up.

And I would not mind to pay 20$ for the initial ISO and each subsequent upgrade.
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