7 - 10 minutes to boot up?

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Re: 7 - 10 minutes to boot up?

Post by wb53tx »

bootmakr wrote:
wb53tx wrote:did it work?
It makes my laptop boot faster, haven't tried it on the Desktop yet, because I have to use one or the other, and I got tired of waiting for the desktop to boot up! Thanks for your help!

Good. Now try it on your desktop and you'll probably find the boot time goes from 10 minutes to about 30 seconds. It's a simple alteration to the grub configuration that does it.
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Re: 7 - 10 minutes to boot up?

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Hi wb53tx;
Thanks for your help. I haven't tried it on the desktop yet, but I believe I found the problem :mrgreen: :mrgreen: My wife's monitor was going out on her HP/M$XP, so she hooked up my desktop monitor (since I'm using the laptop) and used it. After the first shutdown, it started doing the same thing as it did with my Linux - took a long time to show the login page, and after a couple of shutdowns, it refused to come on at all! All this time, I guess it has been the monitor going out, not a config problem. :oops: :oops:

I've got a spare monitor out in the shed, so if it still works, I'll hook it up in the next few days and do those fixes, and get back on the desktop! 8) Then I'll know for sure if it's the monitor or not! Right now, I'm working on an '/etc/hosts' file that's about 4000 pages long, to get rid of those pesky pop-ups and banner ads!


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