Black Screen with cursor in after Login LMDE

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Black Screen with cursor in after Login LMDE

Post by Jacek13 »

I have a similar issue as described here, apart from startx command doesn't even cause any error, just shows me again black screen with mouse.
I'm running Nokia Booklet 3g on LMDE, the problem started after I updated a freshly installed system for the first time, and a while after finishing it I left it and the battery run out. I've just installed recommended updates (middle tier). I knew it installed new X server (I think) which said it includes Wayland support. Maybe that's a problem, GMA 500 had awful driver even for X Org, and for sure wouldn't work for Wayland.
I there any way to refresh it, or at least reinstall with keeping the home folder (which doesn't have a separate partition)?
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LMDE Mate on Nokia Booklet 3g with an SSD

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Re: Black Screen with cursor in after Login LMDE

Post by mrmajik45 »

Use a Live USB and backup the home then reinstall.
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