Popup Menus with no content; Frame+Pattern only

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Popup Menus with no content; Frame+Pattern only

Post by ulli_m16 »

Hello Community,

I made a fresh install of LMDE 2 on a HP 5103 netbook a few days ago. Prior to that I had another Linux distro installed (elementary OS "Freya"), but the partitions were formatted. Everything worked very well. Perfect.

I now have the effect that any popup menus are not shown. Only the empty frames are shown. For exemple if I right click on a picture to save it. Or if I click the button "Settings" in an opened mail in Thunderbird to allow external content to be shown. Or even the windows which is supposed to show up when I wand to shut down.

It was almost completely a fresh install. The only things I modified or installed so far are:
1) In Synaptic I opened a backport to
deb http://httpredir.debian.org/debian jessie-backports main contrib non-free
2) based on that installed the latest version of QMapShack, a GPS application for route planning and navigation
Both worked absolutely perfect as well.

From one moment to the other I had this effect which means I cant use the system (i.e. the netbook with LMDE 2) at all. I cannot imagin that this could be a result of the added backport and the installation of the one and only software I also use on a desktop and which works flawlessly.

Any support is highly appreciated. I really like Mint LMDE.

... anybody around there who also owns a fully operational "Northstar Advantage" running with CP/M 2.2?

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Re: Popup Menus with no content; Frame+Pattern only

Post by Jens »

Hi Ulli,

I'm not sure if your question really meet the solution I found.
Could you please explain what else was changed after installation in terms of update/ upgrade and how?
Cause my problem was related to upgrade the system. It was not completed and the solution was what my post contain.




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