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(bug)(installer) Can't switch to another layout

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:29 am
by vlad1777d
Hello dear friends.
(I use recent LMDE2 installer)
Bug 1:
After I had chosen Russian layout, in next screen I must write my name, username, password, machine name.
But I could not write it in Latin, because current layout switched to Russian.
(many programs have bugs with Cyrillic, so majority of people write username, etc in Latin)

I opened cinnamon-control-center, in keyboard-layout tab there was only English layout, but active was Russian layout.

Suggestion: instead of changing layout, maybe there will be better to add layout to list and set default keyboard shortcut (for example, Alt + Shift) to switch between Latin (English) and selected by user layout.

Bug 2:
After restarting to newly installed system, there is only selected while installation layout, Latin layout is absent.
(most of users write their logins, passwords in Latin, after reboot Latin is absent, they cannot login)
In most of distributives Latin layout is present near chosen by user layout (Ubuntu, general Linux Mint).

Suggestion: make all, like in general Linux Mint: after restarting system there are 2 layouts: 1 - chosen by user; 2 - Latin; and there is set default keyboard shortcut to switch layouts (for example, Alt + Shift).

Best regards, Vladislav