Migrating to LMDE/3

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mike acker
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Migrating to LMDE/3

Post by mike acker » Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:01 am

I plan to migrate to LMDE/3 sometime in 2018, when the stable release is posted.

At this point though I'll need to replace my power supply from 450W to 650W so that I can add a new 2T drive to my box. the 450W PS has only 3 connectors for SATA drives (it might have 4 if 1 is connected to the DVD drive; can't remember).

once the new drive is installed I'll define 3 partitions: / /home and /swap ( I don't use the extended partition on this box )

at this point I want to copy the content of my existing /home _folder_ into the new /home _partition_ ( two users )
after that I should be able to install the new LMDE/3 into the / partition and have the all the data and user IDs hook up.

i'll still have a bunch of software installs to do. a few items that I'm running backport copies of -- may not need updates.

suggestions welcome

this is a bit into the future, pending the posting of the lmde/3 .iso

if i remember right LMDE/2 had an updated .iso posted about a year after its initial release. I'm hoping this happens with lmde/3 as well; and hopfully incorporating 4.14 kernel -- which has just now gone lts ) .
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Re: Migrating to LMDE/3

Post by TomRoche » Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:47 am

once the new drive is installed I'll define 3 partitions: / [,] /home [,] and /swap
3 suggestions:

1. `/boot`. I like to have a separate, non-managed partition (in addition to the 3 above) to keep things simple for booting kernels; dunno if this is now over-cautious and antiquated. For the other 3 partitions ...

2. LVM! (on LUKS) That being said ...

3. ... make your `/` partition bigger than you think you'll need, since (as you're probably aware) it will contain *everything* that's not `/home` (including, e.g., `/tmp`). I made mine size=20 GB which rapidly became overcrowded.

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