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Trying to uninstall Higan

Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:10 pm
by lggregorio
Hello all,
I am running LMDE Cinnamon version of mint and I am having a bad time trying to uninstall SNES emulator Higan. I did not install available packages from synaptic, instead I have installed it from higan website itself with newer version (v.0.94)
Anyway, I want to remove it now since I am no longer playing games but I am unable to do so, Higan is installed but when I try

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sudo apt-get uninstall higan

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sudo apt-get purge higan
I get the message this package is not installed and cannot proceed.
I have searched the web for the correct packages to remove, but still no luck. Can anybody help me on this?

Re: Trying to uninstall Higan

Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:44 pm
by Hoser Rob
First thing I should point out is that you're running LMDE. There's a separate LMDE subforum her and that's where you should post questions. Otherwise you're going to get answers for ubuntu based Mint that may not work so well in Debian based mint.

I had a look at the Higan site but couldn't find install instructions ... it's pretty badly organized IMO. But they did have dl links for WIndows binaries and source zip files. So I figure you compiled and built it from source.

If so, that's why apt-get doesn't work. Packages built from source don't use apt to install them and apt isn't aware of their existence.

IF you did build it from source you may want to read this ... ... rom-source

... and you have to realize there's no simple straightforward one click answer for this.