[SOLVED] XRDP + VNC unstable

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[SOLVED] XRDP + VNC unstable

Post by kryssb » Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:11 pm

The xrdp package that is provided in the repositories doesn't play well with Xvnc sessions.
It seems it is an old version affected by a bug consisting in multiple threads trying to write in the same socket.
In practice, the session closes abruptly with modest as well as heavy loads of GUI applications.
One application that is really terrible in this respect is Firefox: normally as soon as it opens up the session is destroyed.
I decided to remove the xrdp package and take xrdp from the git source. That version seems to work very well, at least for me. Just to test stability, I managed to view YT videos over XRDP + VNC and nothing went wrong.

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