Unable to install/deinstall any programs due to Nvidia driver

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Unable to install/deinstall any programs due to Nvidia driver

Post by Kenneth1 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:19 pm

Apparently my nvidia driver is obsolete. One would think this would be no problem to uninstall an old driver and reinstall the latest. Well unfortunately, this isn't so simple. Whenever I try to install anything I am prompted to rund
sudo dpkg --configure -a

If I do that I get the following prompt:
Detected 8 CPUs online; setting concurrency level to 8.

If you plan to no longer use the NVIDIA driver, you should make sure that no X
screens are configured to use the NVIDIA X driver in your X configuration file.
If you used nvidia-xconfig to configure X, it may have created a backup of your
original configuration. Would you like to run `nvidia-xconfig
--restore-original-backup` to attempt restoration of the original X
configuration file?
[default: (N)o]:

Regardless of how I respond Y, N, Yes, or No, I the program then freezes. i could leave it alone for hours and nothing happens. So my computer is stuck. I can't install. I can't uninstall thanks to this stupid program. How do I get around this? Note, I've also tried shutting down mdm so it's just me and the command line and it still hangs.

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Re: Unable to install/deinstall any programs due to Nvidia driver

Post by kevinthefixer » Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:42 pm

Running LMDE2 Mate 64 with Nvidia driver, I've not had that problem, never seen the error message you report, so I'll just shoot in the dark. You might try uninstalling the proprietary driver and setting up X again, will require un-blacklisting the open-source driver (Noveau if I spelled it right). Uninstall procedure will depend on how you installed it. You might try simply hitting enter at that prompt, or not configuring dpkg at all. Does this problem occur when installing anything, or just the Nvidia driver? Is your system up-to-date? Are you installing from command line or Software Manager?


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