Printer Setup window Crashes after "searching for drivers"

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LMDE 2 support ends on 1-1-2019
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Printer Setup window Crashes after "searching for drivers"

Post by SamYork » Fri Nov 24, 2017 2:22 am


I'm new to LMDE 2. I have it installed on 2 PCs and like it a lot. One problem though is when I try to install my printer the setup window either crashes or sits (as long as I let it sit. I assume it will forever). I didn't have this problem on my Ubuntu Mate Laptop so I know I can install drivers normally and that this must be a problem with the printer settings software or LMDE 2. I found another post with a similar problem (in 2013) but before I try ... umentation to possible fix the problem I wanted to see if there is a better, or newer fix since 2013. If anyone knows of one I am thankful but if not I'll try this site as the post I mentioned on viewtopic.php?f=238&t=208580&p=1087632& ... h#p1087632 said he used to fix the problem.

My printer is a Canon MG3600 according to the Printer setup.

Thanks :)


I did what the post I found (above) said to do and it installed drivers (for Canon MG3500 instead since I couldn't find the MG3600 driver) but it won't print even a test page. Printer Settings still doesn't work but it will show that my printer is "20%" on something I tried to print. "Pending" for a try with printing a test page.

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