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Wesnoth 1.14 ?

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:36 pm
by Zweitaktmotor
Hi there,

Are there any plans to make Wesnoth 1.14 available? The repo still shows 1.10 (as published some years ago). I managed to install 1.12 when it came out, but I have trouble with 1.14 which was released earlier this year.

The only solution may be to run it on Steam, but I'd rather have a genuine installation.

Sorry, I know you are all volunteers. Not demanding, just asking...

Re: Wesnoth 1.14 ?

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:44 am
by cm1
You'll probably want to contact the maintainers about the possibility of an updated backport, at

1.14 is not in stretch yet, only stretch-backports.

In the meantime, you might want to try compiling it for yourself?: