Unexpected Inconsistency

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LMDE 2 support ends on 1-1-2019
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Unexpected Inconsistency

Post by Pierre » Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:59 am

this was the 2nd time that this error occurred:

Booting my LMDE2 laptop after a clean shutdown resulted in the following boot-time error message:
“Unexpected Inconsistency: Run fsck Manually“

the solution was to run

Code: Select all

umount /dev/sda*
fsck /dev/sda1 -f
From a Live_disk environment ..

but that give the error:
"e2fsck: Permission denied while trying to open /dev/sda1".
" you must have r/w access to the filesystem or be root".

so the answer was to run

Code: Select all

sudo fsck /dev/sda1
this was repeated for sda2 as well.

- sda1 = / root
- sda2 = /home

there was six " Free blocks count wrong" errors on sda1, but sda2 was "clean".

the Disks utility does say that he HDD has 119 bad sectors.
- so this issue may continue, even though the utility says the HDD is "Good".
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Re: Unexpected Inconsistency

Post by kevinthefixer » Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:08 pm

You should be OK until more bad blocks happen. Make sure your data is backed up and have a new HDD handy. Or get proactive and swap out the HDDs before things get worse.

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Re: Unexpected Inconsistency

Post by Pjotr » Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:31 am

A dying disk tends to deteriorate rapidly. Replace it as soon as possible. Risking your data is simply not worth it.
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