Qosmio F45-411 Delay in CPU Fan Running.

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Qosmio F45-411 Delay in CPU Fan Running.

Post by LittleToucan » Tue Jul 26, 2016 11:05 am

I'm running LDME 2 Betsy Mate. I realize this is not a common issue. Did do some research on this subject and I found out that Toshiba's update to Bios is part of the problem. Bios 1.50 fixes:

"Version 1.50 2007-11-20
o Corrected: Fan rotation does not stop after resuming from an S3 state.
o Disabled the "Phoenix USB crisis key detecting" function to fix a
Microsoft USB Basic Optical Mouse intermittent hang issue.
o Updated the Brightness Table."

This fix now inhibits the fan from running all the time, which in turn causes my laptop to shutdown. I have to, essentially try to fool the laptop to run the fan, by opening programs, then restarting it, in hopes it will sense that it's hot enough to start running the fan. Once the fan is running at high speed it will usually stay on and I can use the laptop freely...with the exception of watching long videos.

I also found in my research where one person who had a similar issue with his desktop computer and purchased a new fan assembly.

My big question is: Is there a way, package, kernal, etc. to either control the fan speed or is there a mechanical way to get the fan to run on command? I've tried those external cooling fans that the laptop sits on, they don't work. When the laptop was on Vista, I purchased a nifty program Notebook Hardware Control and it kept the laptop from shutting down. This program will not run in Wine.

I know this is an old laptop and probably beyond it's years. But I'm very fond of it and it has the best keyboard I've ever used on a laptop. I've already replaced it's screen and harddrive and will replace whatever I need to to keep it alive. If anyone has any ideas, I would truly appreciate it.

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