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Install pipelight for debian

Post by lizbeth » Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:26 pm

If you wish to install pipelight for debian systems the instructions are found here: [url] ... ebian.html


Pipelight allows users to take advantage of some web based tech that isnt available for linux and run the windows versions in your linux browser through a special implimentation of patched wine files, a version known as compholio. Things like silverlight, flash, widevine and more can be enabled with these instructions.

I followed these instruction from this page and am watching hbo now in my linux browser with flash 17 from windows (hbo now still requires an apple tv, ipad or iphone to register for hbo now but that will change probably in july to include roku and other devices). I am using firefox 37 which still uses npapi. Chrome version 35 and above no longer use npapi but use ppapi and while there are instruction on how to patch chrome it's probably simpler to use midori or firefox for these specific uses.

For lmde 2 users, follow the instructions for debian jesse. Thanks!

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