howto create a multi-ISO LiveUSB for LMDE2/Betsy (et al)

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howto create a multi-ISO LiveUSB for LMDE2/Betsy (et al)

Post by TomRoche » Mon Jun 08, 2015 1:40 pm

summary: tutorial here


Once upon a time, some smart people developed a way to "live boot" Linux from LiveCDs and other optical media. This was great, except eventually one developed a pile of obsolete discs. Then some smart people developed the LiveUSB. Which was also great, except one then acquired a buncha small-capacity thumbdrives each with its own distro.

Now we have relatively abundant/cheap large-capacity USB-connected drives. So wouldn't it be great if we could live-boot any of a number of ISOs on a single drive? Especially if one could
  1. relatively easily add/subtract ISOs as desired.
  2. boot from arbitrary hosts (as much as is feasible), rather than tailoring the LiveUSB to boot from a single/known host (as seems to be the case with, e.g., `update-grub`)
Hence the multi-ISO LiveUSB, or multiboot LiveUSB, was born. There are currently many tutorials on the web regarding how to make them: this tutorial
  1. is hosted on a public `git` repository, so it's easier to
    1. maintain/extend the information
    2. make pull requests (to help maintain/extend it)
    3. fork the repo (in case it's not maintained)
  2. explicitly discusses how to handle LMDE2 ISOs
  3. strives for completeness (hopefully less handwaving than some other tutorials)
Eventually the LMDE team can hopefully add material on this (IMHO) important topic to "the official documentation"; until then, hopefully you will find this tutorial helpful.


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