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Linux Kernel

Post by LMikceh77 »

I have actualized (refreshed) my System LMDE2 on my ASUS Notebook (i386, non pae).
Can I install the proposed Linux Kernel 3.16.39-1+deb8u1 or shouldn't I for not to get problems with my system.
Thank you for an answer

ich habe mein LMDE2 auf meinem ASUS Notebook (i386, non pae) aktualisiert. Als Sicherheitsaktualisierung wird der Linux Kernel 3.16.39-1+deb8u1 vorgeschlagen bzw. in der Aktualisierungsliste aufgeführt.
Kann ich diesen installieren, ohne mein System zu überfordern, d. h. passt das zusammen?
Die übrigen Aktualisierungsvorschläge wurden installiert. Danach blieb der v. g. Linux-Kernel noch "übrig". Vielleicht eben aus dem Grund, damit der Prozessor (i386, non pae) nicht überlastet wird.
Oder liege ich da falsch?
Danke für eine Antwort.

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Re: Linux Kernel

Post by kevinthefixer »

You have a non-PAE processor? How old is this PC? Particularly on older hardware, you have nothing to gain by using a newer kernel. I wouldn't fix it if it ain't broke.


Re: Linux Kernel

Post by lmintnewb2 »

Don't need pae, unless more than 4gbs-ram on 32bit. Yep installing a newer kernel is harmless and with each newer version put out, improvements have been made to whatever extent. Ie: better memory management or whatever.

Would add the backports to your sources.list and give some of the newer kernels kept in that repo a try on your system. Find one that improves performance great. If not just boot an older kernel and remove those that don't help.

Note: you'll also need to read up on apt-pinning, so you can pin backports appropriately. Be on the safe side so as not to mess up your OS.

Edit: Really didn't do this justice, so doubling back. Quick and dirty method no pinning, add Jessie-backports to sources, install whichever kernels and headers, comment backports out in sources when done and "sudo apt-get update". Or again do it the right way and study up on apt-pinning.


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