gnome-terminal on Linux Mint Debian Ed. how to reopen windows after reboot?

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gnome-terminal on Linux Mint Debian Ed. how to reopen windows after reboot?

Post by lassehp »

Hi, I am a complete Linux Mint Debian Edition newbie (have used Xubuntu for almost a decade until a fortnight ago, and NetBSD before that.)

On Xubuntu with XFCE4, after a reboot, the terminal application would reopen all windows that were open before, in the right working directories.
How do I get this with gnome-terminal on LMDE? (I found some posts with Google stating something about session management being removed from the Startup Applications settings, and "Option “--save-config” is no longer supported in this version of gnome-terminal (3.28.2) – ChrisW" in a comment on StackExchange.)

I would prefer to continue to use Cinnamon instead of XFCE4, but if I must switch desktop, I will, as I depend quite heavily on this functionality. Would it be possible to use just the XFCE4 Terminal app with cinnamon instead and have it work that way?

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