Sharing a Windows-shared folder in Mint as well.

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Sharing a Windows-shared folder in Mint as well.

Post by tennisAnders »

I'm sharing a folder in windows over the local network, which I have installed on a separate drive from my Linux install. In order for me to, say, upload a file from my phone to this file so I can use it on my PC, I have to boot into windows to "host" that folder.
Is it possible to share that same folder from my Mint install too? Without causing any sort of conflicts between my drives or the network.
The shared folder is on a third drive btw. So I have:
Drive1: Linux
Drive2: Windows
Drive3: HDD for storage (where the shared folder is located)

Or is it maybe just easier to create a new folder in Drive3 and share it on it's own from Linux?

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Re: Sharing a Windows-shared folder in Mint as well.

Post by Lanser »

There are a number of options to set up shared folders, but its a good idea to read the Forum Rules in the header before posting a question.
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