HELP Linux LMDE 4 Storage Increase

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HELP Linux LMDE 4 Storage Increase

Post by Johnvitor »

Hey guys, I'm totally new to Linux mint. I lost my HDD and then tried to install Linux Mint into my USB driver. It went successful BUT I'm running out disk space. I have a 537GB SD Card and would like to know if I can extend/increase my USB drive Linux storage/disk space using my SD Card. In other words, I want to use SD Card as an additional disk space to my Linux installed on an USB drive.
If it is possible to do so, how can I do that?
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Re: HELP Linux LMDE 4 Storage Increase

Post by axisofevil »

It is possible - but not recommended.
SD cards are not reliable enough for lots of read/write operations.
Have you tried recovering space on your USB drive?
Are you able to move any rarely accessed large user files to the SD card?

Since you will be suffering from poor USB data speeds, you should get yourself a new disk/SSD.
Second-hand disks are cheap [if funds are very low] since SSD or NVM storage are the latest thing.
Plenty of 1TB SATA disks out there; try to get 7200rpm if you have a desktop.

Use your USB drive for data backups when everything is working.
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