LMDE4 How to install not supportet Wifi card

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LMDE4 How to install not supportet Wifi card

Post by LarsClarsen »

* LMDE4, 64 Bit, Cinamon

I am trying again now to find out how to get working the follow wifi card on new installed LMDE4:
* intel Wifi 6 card AX200

* Intel AX200 wifi card not working after standard installation of LMDE4 (I have hear its should work on LM20.x)
* Other old wifi cards like Intel 7260 are working fine.

What did I try:

Some souces say, kernel 5.1 or ideal kernel 5.7 will be ideal for new AX cards like Intel AX200:
So I updated the kernel from 4.19 kernel to 5.7 by follow:

Code: Select all

uname -rs
sudo apt-get install -t buster-backports linux-image-amd64 linux-headers-amd64 linux-kbuild-5.7
uname -rs
What does I have to do now and how to do ?
* install iwlwifi support ?
* iwlwifi driver ?
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Re: LMDE4 How to install not supportet Wifi card

Post by jwiz »

If I google for your wifi card and linux the below website is among the first to come up.
https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en ... eless.html

No offense meant, but I really wonder why people keep asking on linux forums for proprietary driver support instead of contacting the respective manufactures.
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