Perplexing Boot Problem (SOLVED)

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Perplexing Boot Problem (SOLVED)

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I am trying to get my daughter's computer going. It is an all in one Toshiba computer (screen and motherboard etc in the computer body) with USB plugins for the mouse and keyboard. When she bought it, it was loaded with Windows 7. It has good specs (Intel Core i7 etc). It was not loading the operating system and the hard drive made clicking noises so I changed it for a hard drive from my own computer which was working fine and is loaded with Linuxmint (LMDE).

I reset the boot priority in the BIOS and chose the new hard drive for start up. I can hear it loading and arriving at the Mint LMDE start screen but can see nothing but a black screen. I tried this a number of times with no success. I used the terminal to update GRUB (as per online advice) and it loaded perfectly (screen working beautifully). It all seemed fine but I have not been able to get it to boot LMDE since then ... GRUB shows Linuxmint LMDE and it sounds like it is starting just fine, loading OK and is ready to go, but all I have is a black screen.

Today, I reset the boot priority and I tried installing Windows 8 from a disk I have and it loaded fine (screen working beautifully again). I set everything up and switched off.

I have since tried restarting into both Windows 8 and Linuxmint LMDE from the internal hard drive which now has both operating systems installed on it. The GRUB bootlooader seems OK. When I choose either LMDE or Windows 8 I can hear it loading and sounding like it is loading OK and is ready to go but I have a black screen either way.

Does anyone have any idea what might be happening and what I can try to get the computer working OK?

OK, so as it's my daughter's computer, I have decided not to try to maintain a dual operating system on the hard drive. I have booted the Windows 8 DVD, deleted everything from the hard drive and installed Windows 8. Everything went fine and her computer is working fine now with Windows 8 installed. I think the problem lay in the hard drive being MBR and needing to be reformatted to work for Windows 8 or as a dual boot hard drive.
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