Lid switch is ignored after update

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Lid switch is ignored after update

Post by Hansl »

I have upgraded several machines from LMDE3 to 4 following the tutorial, mostly without serious issues.
But on one old eeePC, since after this upgrade the lid switch is now ignored.
I had set power management to Hibernate on lid close, which was working on LMDE3.
Suspending or hibernating via start menu does work.
Setting the power switch to Ask, Suspend or Hibernate does work.
Lid closing options do not; the lid switch is simply and quietly ignored now. Huh?
dmesg -w gave on closing the lid —

Code: Select all

 ACPI: button: The lid device is not compliant to SW_LID. 
What could I try?

BTW, Hibernating takes much longer now, it seems…?
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