Installing LMDE4 alongside Win10 Pro on 2010 Latitude 2100

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Installing LMDE4 alongside Win10 Pro on 2010 Latitude 2100

Post by satyr37 »


As the title says I'm installing LMDE4 alongside Win10 Pro on a 2010 Dell Latitude 2100. The Latitude 2100 has 2 Gbytes of ram and ~ 150 GB HDD.

Now, the LMDE4 is from a USB stick, I guess the partitions already in existence may help too:

sda1 ntfs 50 Mb 7.82 Mb 42 MB,
sda2 ntfs 125 Mb 18 Mb 107 GB, boot,
sda3 ntfs 450 Mb 335 Mb, 114 Mb, diag,
sda4 ext4 23 Gb 190 Mb 22.89 Gb.

So LMDE4 install on USB stick appears to have two options;
1) An auto install which strongly suggests formatting the whole disk (I want to keep Windoze, so this is not an option for me),
2) Manual install which puts me into a Gparted, which I'm kind of familiar with,
but then it's not clear to me what I should relabel, or rename the above partitions. It thus far does not mention anything about a booting selection utility (such as grub).

I want to dual boot into Windows 10 and LMDE4 on this Dell Latitude 2100. How do I do that with the installer of LMDE4?

I'm not in my home state, and only have access to a Samsung Galaxy S5 Duo, and this Dell netbook with USB sticks.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your replies and help!

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