Shouldn't Firefox be a Cindy version?

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Shouldn't Firefox be a Cindy version?

Post by axisofevil »

Out of curiosity, I was comparing the apt and apt-get ways of presenting information:-
apt policy firefox
Installed: 60.2.0esr~linuxmint1+betsy
Candidate: 60.2.0esr~linuxmint1+betsy
Version table:
*** 60.2.0esr~linuxmint1+betsy 700
700 cindy/upstream amd64 Packages
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
apt-cache policy firefox gives the same information.

But why is a Betsy version of firefox installed?
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Re: Shouldn't Firefox be a Cindy version?

Post by gm10 »

The Mint-team created no Cindy-specific package of Firefox. There's no reason for that if both releases can match the required dependencies.
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