where did the multiple workspaces get to?

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where did the multiple workspaces get to?

Post by LizziAS » Sat Oct 20, 2018 7:06 pm

i hardly recognize it anymore. been years since i used lmde or mint. can hardly find my way around.

i want to add multiple workspaces. 7 of them should suffice in all.

how to do it?
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Re: where did the multiple workspaces get to?

Post by smurphos » Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:17 am

Which Mint version and which Desktop Environment?

If you are unsure report back the output of inxi -S run in a terminal window. Copy from the terminal and paste into [code][/code] tags in your reply.

Edit - sorry - I never checked which subforum you were posting in - presumably you are using LMDE3 Cinnamon?

Relevant Keyboard shortcuts

Switch workspace left or right - Ctrl-Alt-Left Arrow or Ctrl-Alt-Right Arrow
Expo view (workspace overview) - Ctrl-Alt-Up Arrow or Alt-F1

Relevant Panel Applets (right click in empty area of panel and chose add to panel)

Workspace Switcher applet - allows an overview of workspaces in the panel for quick switching - right click context menu allows for adding and removing workspaces.

Expo applet - click to go into Expo view.

You can also set up Hot Corner shortcuts to Expo using the Hot Corners settings module.
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