LMDE 4 Personal Snag List

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LMDE 4 Personal Snag List

Post by robertk »

I just upgraded my GPU from an 8800 GT to a FirePro V4900, and installed LMDE 4

I was running 19.1 MATE because my GPU was not good enough for Cinnimon.

There are some minor snags I need to sort out and thought a post would get some help

On MATE when I opened a .tar or other compressed file, it would open instantly and I could browse the contents or the file then decrypt the files.
On Cinnamon it takes some minutes to read the archive before I can browse the files as much time as it takes to extract the archive, then actually extracting the archive takes the same amount of time?

Also on MATE when I press Ctrl+z I could un-rename 20+ files and press Ctrl+Y to rename the 20 files, on Cinnamon I can only undo the last rename operation and not as many as I like?

Also there is no Virtual Box software in the Software Centre, and installing the Debian 10 version from the Virtual box Website wont't work

Other than these issues all is good and I love LDME 4
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Re: LMDE 4 Personal Snag List

Post by axisofevil »

If you want to install software, you wouldn't go to the software centre unless you wanted to get some opinions about the best one to use.

You could just search for the virtualbox package in synaptic (or use apt or apt-get on the CLI).

A .tar file is not compressed but a .tgz for example is compressed (its a compressed .tar file) - obviously you have to decompress a compressed file before you can access the contents.

Thanks for letting me know that nemo allows an undo option on a rename.
Actually, if you select multiple files you can undo the rename.
But I've never actually needed to un-rename a file. :D

BTW Try not to install binary packages from web sites where it can be avoided.

Code: Select all

sudo apt install virtualbox
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
Note, selecting 'virtualbox-6.1' instead of 'virtualbox'
virtualbox-6.1 is already the newest version (6.1.6-137129~Debian~buster).
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
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