Black login screen with nvidia drivers

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Black login screen with nvidia drivers

Post by Pio2001 »

I'm using LMDE4 on a laptop with nvidia Optimus double GPU.

There have been huge improvements with the recent updates in LMDE ! I no longer have the 1080 line interlaced display when I use an external HDMI screen.
And after 5 years of unsuccessful trials, I managed today to get the nvidia proprietary drivers to work properly for the first time ! I can now watch Youtube videos in 1080p at 60 fps with no judder! :D
The continuous improvements in LMDE are highly appreciated.

There is still a little problem in my configuration, though : when I go to the Start menu and I click Log off, I should go to the LMDE Login screen, that proposes me to enter my user name and password.
But it doesn't work anymore with the new drivers. I get two black screens instead (laptop and external HDMI screen). I guess that the page is nonetheless loaded, though I can't see it, because when I press the power button of the laptop, the Mint logo appears, and the computer shuts off.

I am currently trying to apply the fix described under "Black screen after resume from suspend" described here, to see if it solves my problem : ... leshooting
It begins with "I assume you have already a file named like 80-nvidia.conf placed in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ to edit"
That's where I am stuck. I have no 80-nvidia.conf file. I don't even have an xorg.conf.d folder.

I have an nvidia.conf file in etc/modprobe.d, but it has no "device" section.

Here is my current configuration: I installed the nvidia drivers using the application manager, then followed the instructions here in order to use the nvidia GPU instead of the Intel GPU as the primary GPU : ... rimary_GPU
I didn't find how to install xrandr, so I skipped this part, but it worked.
And then I followed the instructions in the paragraph "Prime synchronization" in order to get rid of screen tearing : ... ronization
That led me to the current configuration. nvidia GPU is working and everything's fine. Except that I can no longer log off my Linux session. It leads to a black screen.
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