Linux Mint logo means "two"

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Linux Mint logo means "two"

Postby inscriptor » Sat Mar 19, 2011 7:22 pm

My name is Andrei Tretyakov, I'm a web-developer and running my own internet project. I use Mint as an alternative OS to verify the html layout.

I'm a coin collector as well, that's why my webapp (called Creounity Time Machine: dating, history, written language) is referred to the chronological systems of the world. When I was booting Mint last night, I found myself thinking that logo of the Linux Mint OS looks quite similar to the way that numeral "2" is written in Thailand and Cambodia.

Take a look:
Thailand comparison ( ... ting_facts);
Cambodia comparison ( ... ting_facts).

How do you think this similarity has appeared: by accident or deliberately?
Does someone know the author of the Linux Mint logo?

If someone could provide me some background story of the Logo, I'd be very thankful to him of her.

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Re: Linux Mint logo means "two"

Postby viking777 » Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:24 am

Our Clem (the Mint team leader/originator) is a pretty clever guy I am sure, but I doubt that he speaks or writes Khmer :)

So accident it surely must be. (although I grant you they do look similar for sure)

I don't know the author of the logo but he/she may reveal themselves if you give it a bit of time.
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