just made the change to LMDE few issues

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just made the change to LMDE few issues

Post by stargazerpjs »

I can see others had issues with Partitions when installing, this what worked for me, I look up the right way to do it later
I used both GParted and Disks multiple times no matter what i did LMDE would not use the partitions , After a nights sleep this what worked for me this morning when i tried again. i installed mint 19 XCFE and let mint 19 do all the clean install and auto setting up partitions, I then installed clean install of LMDE but using the Mint 19 partitions and install went like a dream.

Next issue, are the failed to install software messages i get on nearly all software from the software manager, but they did install, only had one title so far not install.

Last, I cant add PPA's the standard sudo way :( , I relies have to be careful adding Ubuntu PPA's, but I havinging same issue with Dedian PPA's, is there a quick fix for this.

Appart from these annoying items I am liking LMDE 3 so far
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Re: just made the change to LMDE few issues

Post by Penn »

I can't see why installing a different distro would clear a path for LMDE. Possibly after a night of sleep you did something different that you didn't realize was different? Gparted then install with "do something else" worked fine for me 3 times now.

Not adequate information on the second issue but no, you should not have errors installing just about all software. What software and what are the exact messages?

No, you shouldn't be careful with PPAs on LMDE. You should NEVER use PPAs. That is something for Ubuntu and distros based on it only. There are some additional repositories for Debian. Make certain those are for Stretch (Debian 9) since that is the base. If you are doing this you second question might be answered. PPAs on Debian can entirely torch your OS. Sometimes you can pull a .deb file from those PPAs by going to the page in the PPA address and install that way so it will only pull dependencies meant for Debian.
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