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Re: LMDE main focus?

Post by jwiz »

Well, what else is there really?
Debian is probably the last of the large scale community projects in the linux world.
Pretty much everything else has gone totally corporate, just look at the LF.
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Re: LMDE main focus?

Post by FinixFighter »

When things go corporate, then troubles start! Capitalism sucks!
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Re: LMDE main focus?

Post by Portreve »

Well, I just came over to this thread from this one, and I've spent some time reading up on things.

I've never touched LMDE but I fully support Clem's Plan B. After all, one never knows what will happen, and it would really be stupid to try and go some other direction when LM is, in essence, a Debian descendant already.

I've got very fond memories of running Debian as a headless Mac mini G4 in-home file server. I have a lot of respect for them. Up-thread there's been a back-and-forth about whether LMDE should be Stable- or Testing-based, and while I wouldn't really want to get too hot and heavy into that particular subdiscussion, I'll simply say that, in my experience, Debian Unstable, much less Testing, is more stable than most other distros' "stable" releases.

I definitely don't think one single distribution should be the gatekeeper for all software distribution, no matter how benevolent they may be (or seem to be) so, on that particular note, I agree it makes sense to plan for a future move. Perhaps it should come sooner rather than later.
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Re: LMDE main focus?

Post by motoryzen »

*reads all comments above...tries to throw a nice bucket of ice water to calm the overheated hot tub


That is all :lol: :D
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Re: LMDE main focus?

Post by MurphCID »

I support Mint and the decision to put out LMDE. I think that there could be a little more...convergence between the two, especially in regards to Kernels, with an easy installation of the 5.4 kernels on LMDE. I will load it at some point, but right now I need the 5.4 kernel to run my System 76 systems. Keep up the great work guys! Mint rocks, Mint forever.
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Re: LMDE main focus?

Post by Shadow in Fire »

What if the developers considered basing the kernel on Devuan's (a non-Systemd fork of Debian, and just that), while allowing advanced users to select an init on a new install prompt (e.g. Systemd, OpenRC, SysVinit, Runit, Minit, InitNG)? That would solve the (many) issues people have been having with Systemd over the years by letting them have more leeway with managing services.

That would be pretty neat.

P.S. Shipping Cinnamon as the only DE might also be another reason why it's not prioritized as much. Xfce and even MATE are more than ideal for their lightweight features, whereas Cinnamon does require more resources (albeit not as much as GNOME or KDE Plasma).
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Re: LMDE main focus?

Post by KBD47 »

You can install the 5.6 kernel on LMDE through Debian Backports.
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Re: LMDE main focus?

Post by ddog241 »

M_aD wrote:
Tue Jun 23, 2020 4:40 am
asinoro wrote:
Tue Jun 23, 2020 4:07 am
LMDE gives 32-bit version where Mint 20 don't.
That is because Debian still supports 32 Bit where Ubuntu does not. That's the reason why Mint 20 only has 64bit iso's.
However, in the future Debian might also drop 32 bit because 32 bit is slowly being phased out. A lot distributions only support 64 bit these days.
my guess is 32bit debian will go away in version 11, if not 11 then by 12.
im the kind of guy who never buys new machines and stuff I just use stuff people throw away and its been about a decade since I picked up a machine to use that was not able to run 64bit.
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Re: LMDE main focus?

Post by antikythera »

Even if it did go away in 11, that's essentially support until 2026 (EOL LTS maintenance) for 32-bit hardware
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