Missing files but still accesible?

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Missing files but still accesible?

Post by shantak »

Hi everyone, this is maybe the second time i ask for some help here. :D

First, the situation, Some days ago i noticed that in my Documents folder some files disappeared, there was images, zips and a vhd.
The folder is shared over network with full access, i thought i deleted them by accident, or in the worst case someone else did it, so the remaining files were moved to another folder that isn't shared.
But...in the documents folder i had a VHD file, for a virtual machine running windows 7, i still can use that Virtual machine, even in the properties of VirtualBox the path shows where it is supposed to be.

Now what i want to know. :?:
*The virtual machine is always running, so the vhd file could not be erased? i'm right?
*There is a way to recover those files? (I assume they aren't erased after all)
*What could be happened in first place?

I've already tried to recover the files with photorec, searched in the hidden files, searched in the trash bin.
My virtual machine still running
My virtual machine still running
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Re: Missing files but still accesible?

Post by xenopeek »

I don't know about VBox specifically but most Linux programs don't lock opened files. So you can delete them and the program won't complain about it until it needs to read part of the file that it doesn't have in memory yet.

Maybe you moved the file or directory it was in accidentally? Try this to search for the file in your home directory:
find ~ -iname Win7ASTx86.vhd
Or maybe you renamed the file and assuming it is at least 1 GiB in size run this command to find all files in your home directory larger than 1 GiB:
find ~ -size +1G

Does either find the file?
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