LMDE4 is Rock Solid, why other distros so ugly!!!

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LMDE4 is Rock Solid, why other distros so ugly!!!

Post by griffintwosix »

I have been a Linux user for quite sometime now, (Fedora Core 3) I switched from distro to distro, finally ending with OpenSuSE 10 and up. But this year i had tried LinuxMint 20 and love it. Its polished and new. But still had Ubuntu in the back end. I had never really jumped the Ubuntu bandwagon. So when I had installed LMDE4 on my old 2010 Imac... I have come to love it even more than ever. But I still at a lost as to why so many distros are not following Mints ways. Your distro is wonderfully made, and sharp looking. Its rich in features and added apps that help give it a look and feel of a true Linux experience should be. I know I am going to hear it from all the hard core Linux people on this. We all do not sit around wanting to type up what a mouse can do. You keep typing and I keep clicking. Make it yours and I keep it mine. Simple and true desktop what alot of people need. The other desktop distros are so ugly, and well to hard to figure out. I like debian, but after three days of trying to get it to load up on this old mac. I give it a big no thanks. Im tired of the "you need to compile it to get it". I got it, just do not want it that way. I want it to work out of the box. Ready to do what I want and how I want.

I fell in love with the green with suse, but then they went blue. So keep running mint team. I just wanted to say thanks LinuxMint team on a very well done job with your distro.
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Re: LMDE4 is Rock Solid, why other distros so ugly!!!

Post by antikythera »

Looks are subjective but any distribution can have a different theme applied. Green for OpenSUSE may no longer be the default but it is still an option if you know where to look in settings.

I agree Mint is fairly polished out of the box and comes with a nice range of colours for it's icon sets but the two underlying themes are the same. Mint-X which is more traditional with gradients or Mint-Y which is flat and modern.

However, it doesn't stop people from doing their own thing and not everyone here uses the default Mint Themes either including myself.

You can customise the look of any desktop environment on any distribution and your choices are not limited to colour alone either. You are only limited by your imagination ;)
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