menu changes/installation tweaks/only one language

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menu changes/installation tweaks/only one language

Post by crusti »

Hi there,

I'm sorry this is so long. I've tried to organize it well to compensate.


Fantastic distribution. I'm trying to encourage everyone I can find to use Linux Mint. I'm really looking forward to Bianca final. Thank you SO MUCH for enabling multimedia.

Menu Changes:

1) Default menu style
When I started using the default menu I didn't like it very much and couldn't find my good old familiar menu. I'm wondering if you can add something that will help new users understand that the menu can be changed to one of three styles, maybe a button switcher or a popup or right-click option. Maybe add the more familiar style menu with a different icon to separate it from the fancy Bianca menu. Anyway, just a thought. (I like the mint menu now too but I have the main menu beside it)

2) File manager
I searched the menus for a while trying to find the file manager. Eventually I discovered it was the Computer entry in the Places menu, but I was looking for something a little more obvious since I consider it a core application. Arguably it's on the desktop so that should give a big enough clue...Anyway, I would like to see an entry in Applications->System Tools called File Manager.
[SOLVED, found out it was available in Applications -> Accessories, just not selected]

3) Mint Menu issue
I have my window focus model to give focus to the window that the mouse is currently hovering over. Due to the tiny gap between the panel and the mint menu, when I activate the menu and move the mouse upward to the menu the menu disappears because the mouse has ever-so-briefly given focus to the window below the menu. If I'm really fast, I can reach the menu and give it focus before it disappears.

Installation Tweaks:

1) Format existing unformatted partition with GPartEd.
When I chose my mount points and their associated devices (which took a bit of time because I have 15 partitions) I got an error indicating the root file system didn't exist. The partition didn't have a file system before I began the installation. I was expecting it to get formatted during the install, but the install refused to create a file system and reported there was no root filesystem. This was weird because there was a checkbox for formatting the partition. Apparently it won't format something that doesn't already have a file system. I had to delete the partition and re-add to pre-format before I was able to go back into the mount point editor to repeat my mounting selections.

2) Partition selection for newbies
Currently the install allows one to use an entire disk, or to choose partitions and their mount points. There is no intermediate choice suitable for a newbie who doesn't have a whole disk to spare and who doesn't know how linux is organized. I'd like to see the ability to choose one partition and allow mint to make all the necessary decisions for how to best use that partition. This is particularly relevant for windows users who want to try linux mint, and who make a single partition available, say 20GB. They don't know anything about linux or swap or the usual linux partition scheme.

3) Reassurance before install
It would be nice to reassure the user that partitions will be protected. Whether the user chooses to use an entire disk or hand-picks the partitions on which to mount things, it would be nice if it were made really obvious which partitions will be affected and most importantly, which partitions will not be affected.

4) Language choice during install
It would be nice to have the option of installing only one language package. I had to take the time to remove about 30 language packages from my installation so the software update tool would stop listing them for install. I'd like the default install to have only one language, or maybe only a few languages (I only speak one anyway).


1) Is there any way to have a setting for maximum width of an individual application tab in the taskbar? The ever-changing width of the app tabs sortof throws me off. I don't know how many others feel this way, but having a max width of, say, 300px per tab would help me a bit. Anyway, not sure if this is a Gnome thing because in my Debian distro running XFCE 4.4 the tabs have a set max width and shrink as necessary. Anyway, just a thought. I think I'll use my last spare partition to try Mint with XFCE 4.4.

Once again, great job!!!


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