Middle mouse action on desktop

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Middle mouse action on desktop

Post by KOLEGA »

Hi, i found an idea on community/ideas about middle click http://community.linuxmint.com/idea/view/4547, i didnt find this idea very useful, but what about a setting in control center what action should be performed, when middleclick on desktop is performed?
As everywhere stated, forums are right place to discuss, so please join :-)

For me: I want never use it as laptop user making middleclick mouse is for me hard, cause i have to pres two buttons ... But desktop users might find it usefull ... And I like adding options for everybody to easily manage their controls.
On the other hand I find it wasting developers, cause there are always better things to do ...
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Re: Middle mouse action on desktop

Post by stratus_ss »

I currently like the middle mouse button function as it stands. I use it all the time, highlight some text and then press the middle mouse button.

It acts like copy-paste which, as I said, I use a ton

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