A few Idea's of mine.

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A few Idea's of mine.

Postby Satryoden » Thu Dec 12, 2013 10:06 pm

New taskbar layout, going to be honest, I do love the layout of Linux mint both MATE and Cinnamon
However I there is this idea I have been having on how other OS's draw people in
The idea is to create something similar to a unity docking system exept it would still hold key features of linux mint
Instead of going for the basic simple look this will add a little wazow
Features would include, scroll open menus by clicking the arrows on the side
pretty much a retractable version of what Linux Mint has now
EX: would be in the attachment.(didn't put Linux mints logo in since currently having issues with keeping my desktop from freezing) the image took 3 reboots to finish)
Back on subject, hopefully the idea would be used, I think it may help bring LM a more light desktop background esp if its controlled similar to the way it is now.
As well as hoping for more Distributes that aren't PAE(like a PAE and Non PAE of the newer releases) because not everyone can afford a newer computer for PAE formats.

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