Question: Really fast & lightweight distribution?

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Question: Really fast & lightweight distribution?

Postby quadro » Wed Dec 18, 2013 10:18 am

I think it would be just great to have also some really fast Linux Mint distribution (for laptops and older devices).

For example dwm, Blackbox, Openbox or some lightweight window manager (see e.g. this comparison of WMs) And it could entirely run from ramdisk of configurable size, with swap option and ability(like some Linux distributions have) to save & load this ram drive upon start-up and shutdown or just manually using script.

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Re: Question: Really fast & lightweight distribution?

Postby kneekoo » Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:59 pm

That's a great comparison and it also has a part 2. :) Thanks for the link!

For my modest netbook (Dell mini10) I will soon try Crunchbang Linux or a custom Debian setup. I already played with Debian in a virtual machine with a 2GB HDD just to see how much can I squeeze in that space. Of course there's not much you can do in 2 GB without heavily trimming this and that, but my goal was to stay 100% compatible with Debian and yet, have a workable desktop with as little resources as possible. I got my inspiration from Crunchbang (openbox + tint2) and I must say I loved it. :)

Considering a lightweight Mint edition shouldn't have too much software in it, a similar solution might be relatively easy to build and release. I hope the Mint developers will have a look at Crunchbang, because it's a surprisingly beautiful and resource efficient distro, and since we lost the Fluxbox edition I really miss a lightweight Minty release.

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