Growing the use of LInux Mint in the future

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Re: Growing the use of LInux Mint in the future

Postby Ryu945 » Sun Mar 16, 2014 2:10 pm

@ jahid: There is some of that going on but my point is. It is not only that. There are some useablity improvements that need to be made.

If you take someone new to computers. A new windows user learns they need to install new graphics drivers. A new linux user learns they need to install not only new graphics drivers but had to figure out all the supporting software that graphic driver required.

A new windows user learns they need to install silver light and the website itself prompts them. A new linux user gets prompted to install silverlight even though it will not work. They have to then spend a bit of time researching what they should use while the windows user got what they needed instantly.

There are a lot of things through out using linux like this. I have been thinking how to address this problem in the short term. A firefox add on could be written and come default installed that when someone visits a sight wanting to use silverlight, it will prompt the user itself. If they say yes then it would automatically install/activate pipelight and then automatically change the browswer to act like windows firefox on that web page. This add on would basically do that for all over the internet things that need this type of solution which would address the streaming problem mentioned above.
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Re: Growing the use of LInux Mint in the future

Postby xenopeek » Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:26 am

There's no problem :) Usability improvements to Wine can be developed, as can other improvements to make Wine more capable of running Windows applications. The Wine website shows several ways for people to help Wine. You can donate money to the Wine development fund if you're not a developer yourself and not interested enough in Wine to become a developer: If you are a developer, or interested enough in Wine to become a developer, there are many ways to get started--at every level of experience: Go for it :wink:

Perhaps take a step back and consider that Linux Mint doesn't come installed with Wine... Wine serves a purpose for many users to migrate to Linux, but most Linux Mint users don't install it. The majority of Linux Mint users, that come from Windows, find their way to Linux native alternatives to Windows programs. Sure, some Windows programs might not have a (good enough) Linux native alternative, and Wine would serve a purpose there though many users opt for dual boot or virtualization instead (or just accept the situation and move on). Wine is not the be all and end all of successful migration from Windows to Linux.

Some resources for finding Linux native alternatives:
While I think nobody will say "no" to the idea of improving the usability of Wine and making it more capable to run Windows applications, that doesn't make it a "yes" to have the Linux Mint developers cancel some of their tasks so they can dedicate that time instead to become Wine developers. Right? How to justify that to the majority of Linux Mint users that don't use Wine? And what to cancel?

In short, we can all agree Wine can use improvements--and the Wine developers have a clear outreach to their community of user on how they can help make that come about. For Linux Mint, there are a few tutorials on Wine but perhaps a more extensive one could be written by the community--helping new users find their way around the current limitations of Wine.

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