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Improve Display Manager

Post by DGO » Tue Jun 17, 2014 2:44 pm

I really like the option to rotate the displays on LM17C, this is very useful for projectors, and mounting a display upside down on an overhead surface using the stock pedestal, however a lot more improvement is needed. The second display scheme in LM17C sucks :cry: : icons on desktop move (often to invisible areas :evil: ) if either of the displays are moved by dragging their positions around on the displays settings window.

If used in different environments, the position of the second monitor should be able to be oriented so the cursor flows appropriately onto the extended working area WITHOUT BORKING THE PRIMARY DISPLAY AREA . Plugging a projector in for a presentation to any random audience should not screw up the appearance of the primary desktop (with the background image split between the monitors as with LM17C -- LM16M was better in this regard, so there should be an easy way to fix this?).

The primary monitor should always remain consistent, and any secondary monitor should be able to be oriented by dragging it around to any side of the primary. All the icons on the primary monitor should remain in place, and never flow to the second display. Icons should only go to the secondary display if they are dragged there. The primary monitor should always behave the same regardless of use of a second monitor. The desktop background should remain the same on the primary, and be duplicated on any second display as default, OR even better, allow full control of background options on the second (or 3rd) display (with choice of zoom, stretch, crop, etc). Splitting the desktop background across 2 monitors should be an option, not the default and impossible to change.

Is there a way that named schemes can be used for different display setups? If so, a laptop could be used in many different configurations as commonly needed. Named monitor configurations could be used for: 'work' (for instance secondary monitor to the right and slightly higher); or 'living room' (with second display a big screen TV on the wall, oriented above the primary display and centered); or home office (with the secondary monitor to the left and low so it doesn't interfere with a view of the back yard to occasional see what new birds are on the lake).
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Re: Improve Display Manager

Post by SeriesOfTubes » Thu Sep 11, 2014 9:18 pm

I agree that monitors should be easier to configure, but you have to admit they've made a lot of improvement since five years ago.

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