eBook reader idea (better than OSX ;-)

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eBook reader idea (better than OSX ;-)

Post by Lemon3 »


In OS X you have iBooks, now this feature allows you to have all your PDF's (the books you paid on iTunes and downloaded the pdf) bahaha ,ANYWAY down to SERIOUS BUSINESS:
IN general, the app is nice and smooth, its sleek,etc..

Now, there's a better app, its called clearview. and this was around long before ibooks.

ANYWAY, It seems that Linux could have this features. So you can manage your books, a program to store all your pdfs... book covers all viewable,etc. then just click and go in.

that type of stuff
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eBook reader idea (better than OSX ;-)

Post by kurok »

I think this might fit the bill http://calibre-ebook.com/about
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