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Linux Mint -> PDFs / Books

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:27 pm
by Lemon3

I'm on a mac here, OS X and let me tell you, it cost over €2,000.

Yet when I open some PDFS in Preview on the mac, it is LAGGY and buggy. This is not on my end, I have tested it over and over new fresh install of OS X , all up to date OS X,etc. And yet 30% of the PDF's lag. When I scroll down its choppy.

Could Linux Mint maybe look at having default programs polished?.

Example so far:
OS X 10.10.x -> PDFs -> Laggy/Choppy on some.
Windows 8+ -> PDFS -> not laggy.
Linux Mint -> PDFS -> ???

And maybe like a default book application? to store all your books?