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Suggestions for Universal Edition, codecs

Post by maybeway36 »

The current plan is to release Linux Mint as a Main Edition (CD, with codecs, English only) and a Universal Edition (DVD, no codecs, all languages). The problem I have with this is that the main reason someone would want the CD with no codecs is if they are building or refurbishing computers as an OEM. Many of these computers likely don't have a DVD drive, which means CDs must be used. Also, it seems odd not to include something on the DVD version that is on the CD version.
I suggest three versions of Mint:
*Main Edition - same as it is now
*Universal Edition - same as now, but with codecs installed
*OEM Edition - no codecs, includes OEM installer from Ubuntu
Of course, these suggestions aren't for Mint 6 but for later releases. Mint 6 is almost out already :)

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