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upgrade xine engine for totem

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:03 pm
by tinny
Now that feisty is out, can you upgrade the xine engine for totem. It is especially critical to enjoyable DVD playback with Totem that the xine engine be xine-lib 1.1.4

I experienced this audio-video synchronization problem in another distro, and upgrading the xine engine fixed the sync bugs. I also had to upgrade libgcrypt to libgcrypt 1.2.3 after upgrading the xine engine (xine-lib).

The only drawback is that the newer xine engine does not play Real media files.

I specifically request a package for upgrading xine-lib 1.1.2 to xine-lib 1.1.4 and I will probably need libgcrypt 1.2.3 as well. I guess those packages should be in a repo and available through Synaptic.